Magnesium Anodes- The Ideal Solutions for Protection in Fresh Water

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Magnesium anodes are used in a variety of industrial applications today. Manufacturers dealing with anodes today produce various range of specialty cast and extruded varieties for complete protection. And they can be safely tagged on to any object that is placed in fresh, brackish or seawater environments. Most of the magnesium anodes today also come with an optional plastisol coating. This is so designed that it could be cut away from the anode, whenever and wherever required.

Among the various application areas of magnesium anodes are hulls of ships, barges, and boats; ballast tanks of ore carriers; bulkheads; water storage tanks; piers and pilings; pipelines; heat exchangers and traveling screens etc. Of course, you can also get the from aluminum anodes in tropical water environment. Nowadays, as per their use magnesium anodes can be classified into many different types.

Among the most popular options are magnesium condenser anodes, which are used in many different applications such as tank interiors, heat exchangers, condenser water boxes etc. these come in various shapes and sizes, bare or with plastisol coating etc. and they can also be custom made as per the requirements of their application areas. These types of anodes come with a galvanized steel pipe core just like zinc anodes.

Then, there are the flush mount hull anodes that provide cathodic protection to a wide number of submerged objects. These varieties of magnesium anodes are available with cast-in steel mounting straps. These can either be bolted or welded directly to a submerged structure for maximum defense. Among the various application areas of these types of anodes are barges, dams, ships, and other similar structures.

It is always advisable to search and order for any kind of anodes online. This is because in a physical store where you would find only one brand. The online media on the other hand has numerous websites of manufacturers and suppliers that offer the best in magnesium anodes. This enables you to decide on the requirement you want as per your specifications as well as budget. Most of these also have customized varieties in boat zincs as well as zinc anodes in terms of size, shape and any chemical composition requirements.

Use magnesium anodes to fight corrosion in the most economic and effective way and protect any of your valuable steel structures in a wide variety of environments.

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Magnesium Anodes- The Ideal Solutions for Protection in Fresh Water

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This article was published on 2010/09/10