Magnesium Anodes And Their Field Of Application

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Magnesium anodes provide the much-needed protection to all kinds of vessels in a marine as well as land environment. Made of an alloy composite of magnesium and other metals, they usually come in two alloy compositions. One is a combination of 90% magnesium, 6% aluminum and 3% zinc and the other consists of 99% pure magnesium.   while the first type is better suited in marine situations, the second variety is used to protect poorly coated steel work on land.
Magnesium anodes are cost effective solutions that can be used on land where high driving potentials make them suitable for high resistively soils. They are economical solutions in brackish water too where the combination of salt and fresh water also gives high resistively.
Magnesium Anodes on Land

As has been mentioned earlier, magnesium anodes are today widely used on land to provide ultimate protection to buried structures. This type of anodes for use on land usually comes in a cotton bag containing a rapid wetting, moisture-retaining backfill, which reduces the electrolyte resistively adjacent to the anode for improved performance. The standard backfill of these anodes used for protecting underground structures are as follows: Gypsum - 75 %, Bentonite - 20 % and Sodium Sulphate - 5 %. They are used onshore in protecting underground pipelines, tank bottom internal, tank bottom external and vessel external.
Magnesium Anodes in Water

In a marine environment, the magnesium anodes sacrifice themselves and expose themselves to corrosion thus protecting the more costly metals in offshore platforms and floating structures. This includes their use as marine anodes in submarine pipelines, jetties and wharfs, offshore rigs, and seawater intaking system. These are great also for submerged vessels like ship hull, ballast tank, barge, small craft boat, pontoons and offshore sea going vessels.
Magnesium Anode Varieties

As per their requirements in various industry sectors, these metal anodes are divided into four categories magnesium cylindrical anodes, magnesium rectangular anodes, magnesium tank anodes and magnesium water heater anodes. All these are used in diverse application areas and each one has their individual performance rates. Some of these anode varieties are also used in process equipments like heat exchanger, condenser and boiler.
Where to Get the Right Magnesium Anodes

All the above types of magnesium anodes are available in both the physical hardware as well as online store. However, smart users always prefer to go online. This is because here you can get different varieties that include zinc anodes,boat zincs and aluminum anodes that are suitable for your individual needs. So, just get them right away!
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Magnesium Anodes And Their Field Of Application

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This article was published on 2011/02/09