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magnesiumMagnesium is a mineral used in more than 300 hundred different metabolic reactions in the human body

We need magnesiumto have normal muscle and nerve function. Magnesium is also beneficial to our hearts as it steadies the heart rate. Taking magnesium helps to strengthen our immune systems as well. Other functions of magnesium include regulating blood pressure and sugar levels. The other very important function is improving the metabolism.

Studies have shown that people are able to improve their lives by taking a magnesium supplement. After regular use of this much-needed mineral, many health problems will improve including the ability to sleep better. The good thing about this is that it can be achieved without taking expensive and potentially harmful medication.

Eating certain food types can increase magnesium intake

Legumes, nuts and seeds have loads of magnesiumin them. We usually prohibit absorption of magnesium and other mineral intake by eating too many processed foods that actually rob the body of magnesium and this is where the problem arises. Another problem is that the soil is robbed of minerals so even if we did eat mineral rich foods it is very likely that we would not get the right amounts of minerals into our bodies. This is why many people are taking magnesium supplements so that they can achieve the optimum levels of magnesium in their bodies.

In terms of sleeping better, magnesium is very helpful in that it helps to calm the nervous system down.


Studies have revealed that magnesium is a very cost-effective method of helping to improve sleep

Many people consider magnesium to be a natural tranquillizer and a very good mineral for de-stressing. When we get stressed our bodies release cortisol and this tends to rob our bodies of magnesium. Our nervous systems also become unbalanced when we have too little magnesium in our bodies. When our nervous systems are out of balance then it is likely that we will feel edgy and this all leads to that stressed and anxious feeling.

When we have too little magnesium in our bodies, we may be unable to sleep properly. While sleeping, magnesium helps our bodies to relax and this is why the mineral is important. When our bodies are deficient of magnesium our muscles will cramp and this definitely affects our sleep. Magnesium is helpful in that it prevents cramping and this will help us to sleep better.

Research has also revealed that being deficient in magnesium is responsible for insomnia

According to research, insomnia affects half of the American population. As magnesium relaxes muscles, it is very probable that it can help with people who suffer from insomnia.

As electrical activity in the brain is altered when we do not take enough magnesium, this can also cause erratic sleep patterns. Many people find that they wake up frequently in the middle of the night and this does not help us to get a good nights rest. The results of the research are very clear that magnesium is helpful to sleep properly.

There are various types of minerals as some of them are in tablet form and others are in liquid form. While the tablet form is fine to use, the body absorbs not all of it. The gastric juices inhibit digestion of the tablets and this means that our bodies do not receive the optimum amounts of magnesium. Magnesium in liquid form however works very differently in that more of it can get to the organs that need the mineral. For optimum effectiveness, many people are using transdermal magnesium. This is magnesium in oil format that is applied to the skin and absorbed into the body via the skin. Magnesiumtaken this way bypasses the stomach and goes straight the organs via the bloodstream.


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Interesting Magnesium Facts

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This article was published on 2011/04/13