Health Benefits of the Mineral Called Magnesium

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Magnesium is a wonder mineral which help us to stay young, healthy and vigorous. A deficiency in magnesium in your body can make you age faster! You will be interested to know the signs of magnesium deficit in your body are very much similar to the signs of old age. The signs present often are uneven heartbeat, blocked arteries, bigger danger of heart attack, resistance of insulin, increased blood pressure etc. Predisposition to diabetes along with osteoporosis is other symptoms.

If you don't want to get old before time you can start taking magnesium supplements without delay. In spite of the availability of magnesium sources, it has bee found more than 75% of Americans have magnesium deficiency! The senior citizens are all the more at risk. Diabetics on diet, people who consume low-calorie diets, persons who take drugs for heart diseases, alcoholics, those who engage in heavy exercise and persons who suffer from fat mal absorption problems should take care to supplement their body with magnesium.

The health benefits of magnesium supplements are so many, we cannot ignore it. It acts as anti aging agents, shelters us from heart problems, lowers blood pressure, safeguards against diabetes, avoid reappearance of kidney stones and assist to shelter us from osteoporosis. You can take the supplements with a magnesium rich diet to shelter yourself from a variety of ailments.

Many people are not aware of the fact that magnesium supplements and calcium has to be administered together. An elderly individual who supplements calcium without magnesium stands the risk of blood clots, stroke and heart attack. The accepted rule is that if you administer 1000mg of calcium per day you should take 500mg of magnesium too.

Magnesium is a dominant antioxidant that enables cell membranes to be flexible. It safe guards your body against the attack of cancer-creating free radicals. A person who has had magnesium deficiency for a long time will most probably be deficient is vitamin E too. This is due to the exhaustion of vitamin E in the body as they get done in fighting to keep away free radicals which get promoted due to insufficiency of magnesium. A good supply of magnesium along with magnesium sources in diet will shelter the body's supply of vitamin E.

Magnesium supplements alter the quantity of calcium to make the heart beat regular. It also assists in the deterrence and even the setback of Adult Diabetes. In spite of all the advantages of magnesium, the dose if exceeds 500mg a day cause problems. The noted disadvantage of an overdose of magnesium is diarrhea. Further, persons who have a history in the family of heart and kidney problems should take medical advice before they start on magnesium supplements.

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Health Benefits of the Mineral Called Magnesium

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This article was published on 2010/12/22