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Epsom salts are a common item sold in supermarkets and pharmacies the world over. The main uses of Epsom salts are for medicinal purposes, agricultural, as a laxative, a source of magnesium for a wide variety of purposes (Marine aquariums etc) as well as its popular use in bath salts. Lets find out what Epsom salts really are. It is a compound that is made up of sulfur, magnesium and oxygen. As such, it is also known as magnesium sulfate. The term Epsom is a tribute to a town by the same name in England where heavy harvesting of the compound used to take place in the past. Besides it main commercial uses, it also has a number of very unique properties. Magnesium sulfate has the ability to convert acoustic energy into heat. In sea water, it will absorb sound but only at high frequencies.

In the marine aquarium hobby, they are common additive particularly in tanks that have an abundance of magnesium consuming organisms. Organisms that encrust are by far the highest users of magnesium. Because of this, magnesium levels can drop off very quickly in tanks heavy with stony corals (particularly SPS). For this reason, Epsom salts are sometimes added to maintain magnesium levels. All plants require some amount of magnesium for chlorophyll production. As such, it is absolutely essential to the general health of the plant. Since this compound is absorbed through the soil, Epsom salts are added periodically to ensure healthy amounts of magnesium sulfate. Many gardeners also do the same for their home gardens.

Some cash crops like tomatoes and potatoes do consume magnesium a lot faster than other types of plants. For these types of crops, more Epsom salt additions to the salt may be needed. Bath salts are a favorite arena where Epsom salts are an important ingredient. Adding it to water will raise the specific gravity,  which is key for flotation therapy. It also reduces wrinkles caused by long exposure to water. Medical benefits point to its anti-inflammation properties. It is either ingested or absorbed through our skin when immersed in Epsom salt bath water. When used in such a manner, it will also draw out toxins from the body. Additionally, those that experience muscle and joint pains usually have some relief. However, the most popular use for it is as a laxative. It can be used for humans or for your pets which include dogs, horses, cats and even fishes. For this reason, Epsom salts are almost always used in colon cleansing treatments.

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Epsom Salts - Magnesium Sulfate

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Epsom Salts - Magnesium Sulfate

This article was published on 2011/08/08